Best Schools in Highlands Ranch – Things You Need to Know about Ratings

Most of Highlands Ranch schools receive high ranks in the academic charts, according to trusted data sources provided by the U.S. and Colorado`s Departments of Education, as well as by the National Center for Education. The ratings received by the schools are based on relevant criteria, such as test scores, the way children perceive the overall school experience, college readiness, the integration of various social, ethnic and racial groups etc.

Highlands Ranch public schools exceed expectations in academic achievement and workforce readiness, meet the expectations in academic growth and approaches the expectations related to academic growth gaps.  During the last years, the District constantly received a high ratings, which is good.

As about private schools, there are many options.

As in most towns, lower rated schools receive lots of support to benefit the academic growth of all students in the district. There are constant initiatives and preoccupations to help these schools grow, with cash infusions, new learning models and instructional coaching.

You can explore the official website of Highlands Ranch`s public schools and learn more about enrollment, programs, resources and more.

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