Cosmetic Dentistry – Improving Looks and So Much More

The term cosmetic dentistry is usually used to refer to any dental work intended to improve the patient’s appearance by improving the health of the teeth, of the gums or of the bite. However, the perks of these procedures exceed aesthetics, so here are the most important interventions categorized by type and the health benefits you can enjoy.

Types of Procedures

Here are the most common ways your cosmetic dentist can make you not only look better, but be healthier, too:

  • Putting up porcelain crowns – a crown not only restores the original appearance of the tooth it is applied on, but it also protects the tooth against further decay and prevents gum withdrawal,
  • Putting up porcelain bridges – bridges are used when there are several adjacent teeth that need to be extracted, leaving a gap that would be not only unsightly, but also uncomfortable for the patient without the bridge,
  • Whitening treatments – teeth change color over time and the products designed for home use might not be sufficiently effective to restore whiteness. Dentists offer various types of whitening procedures to give you that bright white smile again.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether aimed to restore the completeness of the denture or the health and looks of individual teeth, cosmetic dentistry is beneficial for the patient’s self-esteem, but it is not the only improvement you will get:

  • Headache relief – dental problems, especially misalignment is known to be one of the factors that cause migraines and other forms of severe headache. When the denture is realigned, the muscles of the head and of the neck will be relieved of the tension that causes the headaches,
  • Relief for a chronic sore throat – dental infections usually affect areas adjacent to the mouth, often causing throat problems that don’t seem to go away on their own. Detecting the infection and treating the decayed tooth can put an end to the suffering,
  • Reducing the risk of gum disease – decayed tooth is more vulnerable to infections, which makes the gum more sensitive and inflamed, too. Correcting chipped or damaged tooth can restore the health of the gum, too,
  • Better dental hygiene – people who have a beautiful smile are more determined to preserve it and they usually have a more thorough dental hygiene routine than people who are embarrassed because of their smile. A good smile is best kept if you don’t consume foods and beverages that can stain or discolor your teeth, therefore people who have good teeth or have had their denture corrected are more likely to follow a healthier diet,
  • Better appetite – getting your teeth fixed will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again, no matter whether they are hot or icy cold.

The earlier you turn to a dentist, the easier and, if you come and think of it, the cheaper it will be to correct the problems – whether it is better looks, whiter teeth or a healthier denture that you are looking for, cosmetic dentistry can solve all of those problems.

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