Earth Day: Planet Friendlier Dental Health

Earth Day is this week! Here at Colorado Smile Design we advocate for healthy smiles and a healthier planet. Although many don’t connect the dots, how you operate your dental hygiene activities can impact the environment as well.

Below are tips on how you can help reduce waste and help the Earth this Earth Day. Let your Highlands Ranch dentistry know your thoughts, tips and tricks! Happy celebrating! Day: Planet Friendlier Dental Health – Delta Dental of Virginia Blog It’s Earth Day and helping decrease your environmental impact touches every part of our lives. Reducing waste is not just about recycling, composting and turning down the thermostat. Being a steward to the environment can even involve your dental health.

So, here are some tips to make your dental hygiene activities greener:

-Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.

-According to the Eco Dentistry Association, the average person wastes 90 glasses of water each day while brushing their teeth.

-Recycle old toothbrushes (you should be replacing them every 3-4 months).

-Traditional dental floss is not recyclable– while some websites online have methods for washing and reusing your floss, we’d suggest using compostable floss picks or compostable floss.


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