Everyone’s Weirdest Dentist Stories

Jimmy Fallon recently asked his Twitter followers to share their weirdest dentist stories to be featured on The Tonight Show. As expected, they were quirky and hilarious. Most dentists work hard to make sure their patients are comfortable, but sometimes they miss that target. Here at Colorado Smile Design we promise you won’t experience any similar odd stories. Our office’s warm, relaxing atmosphere and friendly, knowledgeable team members will allow you to feel completely at ease. So please join us, we’ll give you something to smile about.

https://www.someecards.com/news/tweet-picks/myweirddentist-jimmy-fallon-hashtag-twitter-dentist/Jimmy Fallon Shared Everyone’s Weirdest Dentist Stories And They’re Guaranteed To Make You Open Wide. | Someecards Tweet Picks

Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to send in their weirdest dentist stories via Twitter using the hashtag #MyWeirdDentist, because apparently, enough people have weird dentists to make a whole hashtag for it?

Check out people’s weirdest dentists stories and determine for yourself if it makes you want to go to the dentist more or even less than you already do.

It is good to know that the person who is poking around your mouth with a bunch of sharp objects has such a wonderful sense of humor. Dads and dentists must get their jokes from the same places.
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