Highlands Ranch, CO – Life in a Quiet, High-Quality Suburb Close to Denver

It is very difficult to determine whether an area is going to suit your tastes and preferences when it comes to living there, but one thing is sure: if you like safe and quiet suburban life and your favorite pass-time is spending time exploring nature by outdoor activities such as climbing, biking or fishing, Highlands Ranch is the place for you.

Location and Amenities

Highlands Ranch is a relatively young town – though there is evidence that it was inhabited as far back in time as the 17th century, its development accelerated only in the 1980’s and in the 1990’s, after it became part of the Denver Metro Area.
The town is located 12 miles from Denver and a lot of its residents – there are over 90 thousand of them today – work in the big city, commuting daily to Denver and back. This might give you the impression that it is a sleeping town, but it has everything you need to live a great life there – shops, stores, libraries, schools, recreation centers are all there.


The Highlands Ranch labor market is developing with the town as well – today there are several hundred local businesses that provide work to over 4,000 locals. The local economy is developing and there is already a diverse range of services and businesses available in the town, which also means that the local labor market is developing and expanding as well. However, most residents don’t work here, they commute day by day to their workplaces in Denver.

Housing and Safety

The Highlands Ranch housing market is quite diverse – whether you want to buy or to rent, local listings offer apartments, condos, houses, all quite attractive. The town being so new, you should not expect to find any old buildings there, but the existing options are high quality.
The town is well-known for its safety and friendly atmosphere. Criminality is very low, almost non-existent and the locals are very welcoming, friendly and helpful.


Highlands Ranch has highly rated schools, elementary and secondary education are both of high quality. You can find numerous options starting from preschool education – there are numerous private kindergartens, four public elementary schools and two public high schools. There are great private institutions in the town as well, so you can surely find the type of school that best suits your requirements.


Highlands Ranch does have a few recreation centers and parks, so if you like this kind of pass-time, it makes all the sense to move here. The town also has a football stadium, multiple swimming pools and tennis courts.
The area is certainly beautiful, with lots to do and see at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. There is not too much nightlife in Highlands Ranch, so if you want to go clubbing, be prepared that you will have to go to Denver for that, but there are great outdoor concerts organized regularly and there are many other performances available as well, so if you love the quite life of the suburbs, but you are concerned about entertainment, don’t be, you will find lots of fun, cultural events in Highlands Ranch.


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