How to Evaluate the Offers on Highlands Ranch Real Estate Listings and How to Buy the Property that Will Make You Happy

Highlands Ranch is a relatively young town, a suburb in the Denver Metro Area with over 96,000 residents. The town is developing rapidly and so is its real estate market – the available forms of housing are currently apartments, condos and family houses, but they come in all sizes and price ranges, so you will surely what you need. However, if you have been browsing local real estate listings and you feel that you can do with a little bit of help to develop a strategy, here are a few tips.

Get Your Priorities Right

It might seem like a no-brainer, but figuring out exactly what you want is not as easy as it might first seem. Think about size, amenities, neighborhoods and limit your search to property that matches your requirements – there is no point looking for an apartment in one district of the town if what you really need is a three-bedroom house in the district where your child’s school is.

Figure Out the Budget

Real estate prices in Highlands Ranch are significantly lower than the prices in Denver, but the town is a part of the Denver Metro Area, which makes it somewhat more expensive than a town of similar size would be elsewhere. Make sure you know exactly how much you can spend on the property – try to make your calculations as realistic as possible to avoid dire straits and stress later on.

Prepare the Paperwork

According to experts, the buyers who have already obtained a pre-approval for their loan stand a better chance to get the best price than those who will start the pre-approval process after they make their bid. Make sure you get everything sorted out before you start bidding – it will make you a more confident negotiator and help you find a home faster and sooner.

Check Multiple Sources and Listings

While looking for a home in Highlands Ranch, don’t rely exclusively on your real estate agent or realtor. Check the classified ads sections in local newspapers, check online listings and digital media outlets – the best house is already out there waiting for you, you only need to find it.

Look for Property that Is Listed for Over a Month

30 days is the average time a property stays on real estate listings. If an apartment or house has been listed for longer, it probably means that the owner is more willing to negotiate than the owners of faster-moving properties. Staying on the listings for longer does not necessarily mean some sort of quality-related issue, so feel confident to take a look at this kind of offer as well.


You can also have a look at foreclosure listings – the prices are usually better in that category, but make sure you understand all the details of the transaction. To be able to decide whether this type of acquisition is suitable for you, contact an experienced realtor and a lawyer – they will surely be able to explain you every detail of the deal, small print included.


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