Living in Highlands Ranch CO – Things You Should Know

For visitors, Highlands Ranch seems like a friendly place- and for good reasons. Situated close to Denver and a part of the Denver-Lakewood-Aurora metro area, Highlands Ranch provides a lovely view of the foothills, being a  great location for people who enjoy the mountains during every season (the Rocky Mountains are a few miles east of the region).

Weather is generally nice. There are almost 300 sunny days per year, low humidity and, although people tend to expect harsh winters, due to the proximity of the mountains, there are actually mild winter temperatures. There is also a low level of humidity, which makes summers comfortably hot.

Highlands Ranch offers shops, restaurants, art-galleries and provides great outdoors opportunities to spend time, for locals and tourists alike. You can find a wonderful dentist Highlands Ranch professional. In fact, whatever type of professional you are searching for – attorneys, physicians, tutors, even auto care specialists – you are sure to find what you are looking for in Highlands Ranch. Overall, it has a small town feel, but the proximity of Denver erases the idea of isolation that the more social individuals may experience.

Highlands Ranch is family-friendly, being recently listed among the best 5 cities in Colorado to build a family; the schools are highly ranked and there are various things that people can do here, from cultural and artistic to community-related activities.

The cost of living is more expensive than the US average, but there are good job opportunities, especially in some domains such as automotive.

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