Practical Dental Sedation: The Most Viable and Safest Options You Can Choose

Dental sedation can be a practical and convenient way to relax during dental procedures that would normally be painful and also extremely stressful for some. The following are the four mainstream methods used in sedation dentistry today:

  • Minimal sedation – which implies that you are mildly sedated but not enough to make you lose consciousness
  • Conscious sedation – or moderate sedation – which offers you the chance to relax, stay conscious and not remember much of the dental procedure
  • Deep sedation, taking you to the very edges of consciousness, where you drift in and out, and can still be easily awakened if needed
  • General anesthesia, which involves rendering you completely unconscious during the procedure.

Although all of these methods are approved for use by licensed dentists in Highlands Ranch CO, during both simple and more complex dental procedures, some may be considered more practical than others. If you have a higher pain threshold and the dentist’s office doesn’t bother you, then minimal or conscious sedation might be better suited to your needs.

However, sensitive teeth, a low pain threshold, restlessness, anxiety and a bad gag reflex can actually lead to less powerful sedation techniques being not only less efficient, but also quite dangerous. In such cases, minimal sedation is usually discouraged, and depending on the complexity of the procedure, you might have to undergo deep sedation or even general anesthesia.

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