Teeth Whitening – Home-Based Methods and Professional Procedures

Most of us, even those who have perfectly aligned teeth can do with a little teeth whitening. Luckily, there are numerous teeth whitening methods available today – some are cheap, others more expensive, some are performed by dentists, others can be used at home and they offer varying degrees of efficiency, so here is a short guide to the most popular whitening products and techniques.

Teeth Whitening Systems for Home Usage

Whitening toothpastes, gels and strips are available over the counter in drugstores. The pastes usually contain some sort of abrasive materials that remove the stains from the surface of the tooth, while gels usually contain hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching substance to eliminate the stains from the enamel of the tooth. Whitening strips use similar substances and they are applied and worn directly on the tooth.

Tray-based whiteners are also available without a prescription – they come with a guard-like tray that must be filled with the provided gel and worn on the teeth for the period of time indicated in the instructions, usually for a few hours or overnight.

The results you can expect from these systems intended for home use vary, but they are usually able to whiten your denture by one or two shades. The results become visible after a few usage sessions and they last for a few months.

Teeth Whitening with Products Available in Your Home

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are two substances that can be found in any home and can help you get whiter teeth. Baking soda is an abrasive material that is able to remove dental plaque efficiently. When mixed with hydrogen peroxide, the baking soda becomes even more efficient, but it is still a substance that has texture similar to sandpaper, so it is very important to use a sufficiently smooth paste to avoid damage to the surface of your teeth.

Apple cider vinegar is also believed to be an excellent teeth whitener. It works as a natural antibiotic and an excellent cleanser that can efficiently remove surface stains from the teeth without the risk of damaging the enamel. Being a mild cleanser, apple cider vinegar must be used consistently for at least a month – brush your teeth with a normal toothpaste, just the way you normally do, then rub a small amount of vinegar on your gum and your teeth with your finger. At the end of the procedure, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or with a whitening mouthwash for more efficiency.

Professional Whitening Procedures

Professional or in-office whitening systems provide quick results after only one session that lasts 30-60 minutes, but they are also the most expensive methods. The procedure involves the usage of special whitening substances in combination with heat, laser or special light.

Whatever method you choose, it is very important to avoid foods and beverages that can stain your tooth. Coffee, wine, some sugary beverages are all known to stain the teeth, so try to avoid them as much as you can, while you are in the process of whitening your teeth and afterwards as well.

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