My wife and I have always had concerns about our youngest daughter Isabella, who is now nine. Since Isabella was a toddler she has been terrified of needles to the point that she would nearly hyperventilate any time she knew a shot was involved in any procedure. You can imagine our concern when she needed a filling and required an injection to numb the tooth. I told Dr. Wimpee about our concerns and he assured me that he and his staff would take extra care to ensure she would have a good experience and wouldn’t notice any pain, as he does with all of his younger patients. When he spoke to her about the procedure he was very calming and did an excellent job of keeping her relaxed. I couldn’t believe it when he gave her the injection she had absolutely no reaction. When I asked Isabella how the procedure went she said, “Great…no big deal.” I can’t tell you how relieved we were and how happy we are with Dr. Wimpee and his practice. Since then we have had several procedures done and she has done great with all of them. In fact, Dr. Wimpee’s approach has helped her with shots from other doctors. She is so much more relaxed after having worked with him and his team. We would recommend Dr. Wimpee to any family who has younger children with similar issues; or, to that end anyone who has issues with needles.