The Ultimate Guide to Easter Candy

Easter is around the corner, which ultimately means a lot of candy! Whether you’re concerned for your children or for yourself, you need to read this article surrounding all things related to Easter candy and the affects it can have on your teeth.

Don’t forget to visit your dentists in Highlands Ranch after the holiday! Complete Guide to Easter Candy – Ask the Dentist Watching our daughters hunt for eggs Easter morning are some of my fondest memories as a father.

But it always freaks me out to go into the grocery store around the Easter season. There is so much junk out there! Marketing Easter candy has become big business, and it’s really our children who lose.

I think it’s easy to think “oh, just this once.” But that mentality has a lasting effect. Even “just this once” candy can alter our taste buds, making us crave worse foods in the following weeks and months. It’s these “just this once” holidays where children learn what’s normal and where they develop habits they keep for the rest of their lives.

Sugary, refined carbohydrates also change the development of the bones and structure of our children’s faces and airways. The earlier children begin to have dental issues like cavities, the more complicated their oral health gets in adulthood.

This all might sound very serious, but I promise this doesn’t have to put a damper on the Easter holiday. I have a sweet tooth myself and don’t think you have to sacrifice any of the fun just because you want to model moderation and healthy habits during the holidays.

This is my guide for everything to know about Easter candy — the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as healthy swaps you can make.

Not all indulgences all created equally. Here’s how Easter candy stacks up, from the best to the worst choices.

Sticky candy: The stickier candies do more damage to teeth because they get stuck in the teeth — allowing the bacteria to feast and excrete acid all day long until you get home to brush or floss the gunk out of there. This includes dried fruit!

Any candy that takes a long time to eat: The more you expose your teeth to sugars and acids, the more time the bacteria get to feast and excrete acids. Sucking on lollipops or a chocolate bunny all day does far more harm than eating the same amount of candy all in one quick sitting.


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