Highlands Ranch, one of the towns that make up the metro area of Denver, the capital of Colorado has a lot to offer not only to locals, but for tourists and visitors as well. One of the things that makes the town so attractive is the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, with unique natural sites and opportunities to spend time outdoors, but the town itself is quickly developing as well, becoming more and more varied and exciting – here are a few things you can do in and around Highlands Ranch.

Visit Highlands Ranch Mansion

The town was named after its oldest building, the 120-years old Highlands Ranch Mansion, a large, spectacular building that is now open to visitors (tours are organized every Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 2PM) and also serves as a superb venue for cultural, entertainment and educational programs, for conferences and for private events such as weddings. The construction of the building started in 1897 and it took almost 20 years to erect the building that consists of 27,000 square feet of living space. It was owned by several notable local families over time and it was renovated in 2010 to become what it is today – an impressive historic monument.

Check Breweries

It is Denver that is known as one of the nation’s most important craft beer centers, but the city’s suburbs contribute their own extraordinary beverages as well, Highlands Ranch being no exception. Local pubs offer impressive selections of local brews and the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly.

Visit One of the Spas

Though not a town surrounded by a lot of water, Highlands Ranch has lots of spas – if you feel tired after visiting the area, you can book a special massage at one of the local businesses and enjoy the superb relaxation before your next adventure.

Enjoy Nature

Highlands Ranch is green and beautiful – if you are looking for outdoor experiences, you can explore the town’s 19 different parks that include areas where you can play in the fountains, where you can let your dog run around without a leash (there are four large dog parks in the town and in the surrounding areas) or where you can skate. You can also visit one or several of the local recreation centers – the activities available, such the pottery or drawing classes will help you relax and unwind.
If you want to say that you have seen it all, however, you will have to set off on at least one excursion to the surrounding areas. The Arapahoe Greenway Trail offers miles and miles of scenic beauty – whether you prefer walking or riding your bike, this great, smooth, perfectly groomed trail will take you to beautiful places. There are great opportunities for picnicking as well – the smooth lawn of Red-tail Park is more than welcoming.

The area is also famous for its fishing spots – if you are a fan, go to the Redstone Park Pond or one of the other great fishing lakes and wait for the big catch.


Things to do in Highlands Ranch